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The Kerastase range of hair products is considered to be one of the most diverse forms of treatments available in the market. This brand once used to come with the tag of salon-only. The highest level salons in the world used to offer these products as part of the hair care solutions to clients. But now, almost everyone can buy a Kerastase shampoo or other solution in the market, bringing top end hair care within the reach of everyone.

The best part about Kerastase hair products is that they offer a wide range of treatments, catering to almost all hair types and working on almost all hair problems. Let us examine the various products available as part of this range and see which type of hair/hair problem are they suitable for.

The Specifique range of hair care solutions from Kerastase is focussed on the health of scalp and hair. The line of products includes the Specifique Aminexil GLM. It is the ultimate scalp treatment featuring the latest technology to maintain the density of thinning hair, whilst helping to reduce the rate of hair loss in just 6 weeks.

Then we have the Reflection range – meant for people who have recently coloured their hair or who are dealing with a bad case of hair sensitivity. These products work by enhancing the hues and vibrancy of your hair colour, allowing it to last longer and enhancing their softness. One of the most popular products in this range is Reflection Chroma Sensitive Cleansing Balm which has an innovative infusion of ingredients that can help prolong the colour of your hair and leave it feeling soft as silk to touch.

Make sure you choose the right Kerastase hair product range for your needs!


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